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About Us.

A government-funded employment support service

Established in 2001, EmployAbility Service Wicklow is a supported employment service for people with any long-term medical condition, illness, injury or disability. We are part of a network of 23 supported employment companies nationally and funded by the Department of Social Protection. 

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About The Service

The EmployAbility service, which was formerly known as the Supported Employment Programme, is a national employment service dedicated to improving employment outcomes for Jobseekers with a disability. It is based on the ethos that participation in employment can be achieved by people with a disability when they are able to avail of individualised supports that are based on their choices and preferences. 
In line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the service’s overall vision is to support people with a disability to secure and maintain employment and it aims to help stem the flow of people with disabilities and extra support needs into long-term unemployment by facilitating integration into suitable and fulfilling mainstream employment.
The service was originally established in 2000 (under the aegis of the former An Foras Áiseanna Saothair (FÁS)). Responsibility for the programme transferred to the Department of Social Protection in 2012. There are a total of 23 EmployAbility services in Ireland, each having a specific geographical remit and governed by a voluntary board of directors.

EmployAbility Service Wicklow Activities

The County Wicklow service is provided free of charge to all Jobseekers and employers and its key objectives are:

  • To undertake an Employment Needs Assessment with each Jobseeker.

  • Identify the type of employment the Jobseeker wishes to pursue in the open labour market.

  • Prepare a Vocational Profile for each Jobseeker and then implement an Individual Employment Plan.

  • Match the Jobseekers with suitable employment.

  • Provide any necessary support and coaching in the workplace

  • Conducting a job review for those placed in employment.

  • Support ongoing progression to independent employment without EmployAbility support.

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So who can avail of the service?


Anyone between the ages of 18-66 that has a long term medical condition, illness, injury/disability. You do not need to be on a social welfare payment to access our service. You should be medically fit to work at least 8 hours a week.

Support Services:

We work closely with local services that support people with mental ill health, addiction and disability. For example, learning disabilities, neurodiversity such as autism, ADHD, asperger’s syndrome, physical and sensory disabilities, mental ill health such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and schizophrenia.


Employers in the Wicklow region that want to become more inclusive, want to recruit the right person for the job or need support to retain an existing employee that may have acquired a disability.

How can I access the service?

Jobseekers need to be referred by an Intreo Employment Service Officer (ESO) or a Local Employment Service (LES) Mediator. To make an enquiry or to apply for Supported Employment, call into your local Intreo office and register with the Department of Social Protection.

Mission Statement

To help stem the flow of people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups into long-term unemployment by facilitating integration into suitable and fulfilling mainstream employment.

To form alliances and working partnerships with other organisations and service providers throughout County Wicklow to meet organisational objectives.


To play an active and leading role in County Wicklow in informing and influencing employers with regard to the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities.


To set and promote world-class standards in employment and placement services within a framework of total quality and continuous improvement.

The Mill Building, The Maltings, Bray, Co Wicklow

Bray (Head Office)

Aishlinn Molloy O’ Shaughnessy
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 012116474  Mobile: 0868104934

Eimear Larkin
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 012116474   Mobile: 0861035034

Declan Tanham
Landline: 012116474   Mobile: 0868144858

Wicklow Office

Susan Comerford
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 040420417   Mobile: 0864107563

Berni Hamilton
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 040420417   Mobile: 0863882459

Jackie McHenry
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 040420417   Mobile: 0860496875


Arklow Office

Breda Mc Donald
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 0402 29724   Mobile: 0868105312

Trish Lee
Employment Support Specialist
Landline: 040229724   Mobile: 0868105221

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