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Become an Inclusive Employer Today.

Have you Identified a Vacancy in your Company? 

If you would like to re-train and gain experience in another type of employment, the WPEP can help you build new skills and gain work experience.

We are looking for employment opportunities for our motivated and committed Jobseekers who want to work.

If you have a vacancy in your organisation please contact us with a job description. Once we know exactly what you are looking for we will select candidates that we feel are suitable and with their permission forward their CV to you.

After that if you feel someone matches the skills you are looking for you can offer them an interview or work trial to ensure that they are the perfect fit for your business.

We are always there to support employers too, so pick up the phone or send us an email.

For more information, call us on 01-2116474 or on Mobile 086 8144858

Employability Wicklow
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How EmployAbility Can Support Your Business

Job Matching

We specialise in matching the skills and abilities of individuals to jobs, always aiming for the best solution that will result in a mutually satisfactory outcome for both employee and employer.

No Recruitment Costs

We assist with information on grants and application procedures as required. We can reduce your need for costly advertising and time spent on the entire recruitment and selection process.

Access to fully trained & skilled employment specialists

We have a bank of job ready candidates, of all levels, experienced in different areas from manual to specialist areas of employment.

Government Employment Grants Information

Employability Wicklow are familiar with all the available grants across a range of industries and business sectors and if you are eligible for a grant we will provide you with all the information and assistance you require.

Ongoing Support Systems

We provide on the job support to both employer and employee and our staff have a good knowledge of many different business sectors. We can add a lot of value to your company by providing on going support to both you and your new employee.  

Access To Untapped, Motivated, & Diverse Workforce

Our Jobseekers are highly motivated and boast a wide range of skills across multiple disciplines. Often wrongly overlooked for other positions they are an untapped resource eager to assist your business.

Workplace Support Information

Employability Wicklow will provide you with all the information your business needs to support your staff with any possible workplace supports they may need.

Book A Meeting 

Whether you are a Jobseeker, a member of a disadvantaged group, an individual in recovery from addiction or an Employer we are happy to help you.

Our aim is to source sustainable employment for people with a long-term illness, injury or disability and support them into that employment.  We provide information and support to both Jobseekers and local employers to promote inclusion & diversity in the workplace.

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Some Disabilities
Are Invisible

Employer Testimonials

"Naylor Engineering Ltd was approached by EmployAbility Service Wicklow with a very interesting opportunity and something that we were not aware of before.

We were delighted to work with EmployAbility Wicklow to offer an opportunity to an adult who had reached a mature age and never held a job. This was going to be quite a challenge as stepping into employment was a scary thing when you have not been there before regardless of your age. 


EmployAbility Wicklow were very supportive to their client and for us to reach a successful venture. When the placement period was over, following further discussion with EmployAbility Wicklow, we offered the person a part-time position as we both felt that they were not ready for a full-time job. This was the correct decision and even though we had a small wobble the person is still with us a few years later. They have gone from having no transport and little confidence to getting a motorcycle and licence to now owning and driving their own car.


If you want to do something for your community and help someone then have a chat with your local EmployAbility contact and if you get half the satisfaction out of it that I did then you will be well rewarded. On top of that you could end up with a great employee like we have."

- John Naylor, Naylor Engineering Ltd. Carnew Co. Wicklow.

Local Inclusive Employers

Grants Available For Employers

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